These Elections Will Determine the Course of the Reptillian Illuminati Conspiracy, Our Future Is at Stake

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump may interrupt centuries of careful planning and covert manipulation by the Reptillian Illuminati New World Order conspiracy.  We must not allow this to happen.  And that’s why I’m with her.

It’s against my oath to publicly reveal my role in shaping world events.  But the stakes are just that high right now.  I’ve made a lot of money.  Believe me.  But as Knight of the Brazen Serpent and Sovereign Grand and Inquisitor General to the Invisible Order of the Pythagorean Hydra of the Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria and Malta, you’ve probably never heard my name before.

While Mr. Trump’s clear and present danger to our cabal in the Senate of the U.S. poses a threat of a sufficient degree to endanger the Society, the greater threat lies in that posed to the purity of our precious blood, which we have been cultivating for generations.  We must not leave this matter to fickle Fortuna to resolve.  And that’s why I’m stepping out of the shadows now.

Experience proves that the moral and physical qualities of our race, whether good or evil, are transmissible in a certain degree from father to son. But I suspect that the equal rights of men will rise up against this privileged Solomon, and oblige us to continue acquiescence under the degeneration of the race of men which Theognis complains of, and to content ourselves with the accidental aristocracy produced by the fortuitous concourse of the mere breeders and brutish satyrs amongst our subordinate hominids.

It is true enough, take away Appetite and Ambition, and the present generation would not live a month, and no future generation would ever exist.   Thus the exalted dignity of human Nature would be annihilated and lost. And in my opinion, the whole loss would be of no more importance than putting out a Candle, quenching a Torch, or crushing a Firefly, if in this world only We have Hope.

So please, vote hard in 2016.  More than usual is riding on this one.  Amen.  And may Our God, Cthulhu, destroy our enemies.