Additional Calibrations, Transmittal to Galactic Central Command

Along with our extensive operations here on planet Earth, control extends across a number of star systems seeded by our genetic engineers long ago.  As Earth remains in quarantine to prevent feeble human intelligence from rapidly polluting the rest of the galaxy, we are required by secret directives to check in with our counterparts in other systems.

Recently, planet Earth re-encountered our deep space monitoring station designated 1991 VG, which orbits the Sun an an orbit nearly identical to the earth.  The probe has been monitoring conditions on the service and storing reports from members of our conspiracy.

Using the HAARP ionospheric heater to create temporary high-altitude antennae out of attenuated particles in the E Layer of the atmosphere, we can create an artificial effect much like that exploited in meteor burst communications, except, in our case, data is deflected out into space towards the 1991 VG probe in a manner designed to evade ground-based detection.  Our last reports and planning documents were transmitted in June of 2017, upon the most recent rendezvous of 1991 VG with Earth.

Location of 1991VG on October 13, 2017, when 1I/2017 U1 ‘Oumaumau passed by to download observations about earth quarantine (NASA image).

In September, interstellar messenger probe 1I/2017 U1 ‘Oumuamua approached this solar system, passed through the orbit of Mercury, swung around the Sun, and made a scheduled rendezvous with the 1991 VG deep space scout, to download local observations, reports and telemetry data for the upcoming galactic census.  In Late October, 1I/2017 U1 made its closest approach to earth, and, we can now confirm, was able to make contact with 1991 VG.  The messenger promptly entered standby mode and is now on its way out of the solar system.  Sometimes, for secure communications, physically couriers just can’t be surpassed.

Path of 1I/2017 U1 ‘Oumaumau on October 14, 2017, approaching 1991VG for a scheduled rendezvous.

We will have more to report shortly.  Hopefully, now that we are in control of the United States at the highest levels, this interstellar visit will provide us with an upstream green light for the next phase in our operations here.